X Box With Giant 3 TB HD 229 Up To 840 Xbox Games Included Modded /SeattleXbox

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Product Description

I have Original Xbox’s – 3TB Drive T-Sop or Soft Modded

Cases available in Black / Halo-Green And Clear GHOST!
Custom monitor installation is available for $40 more on any style 3TB xbox.
Custom Cases > Clear or Green Case cost only $60 more….
Loaded with Coin Ops 8. I, Final Burn Alpha, XBMX, UnleashX, Avalaunch, HyperVision, & Much More See Below: upgraded the HDD to the LARGEST AVAILABLE SIZE. 3TB or 3000Gb / just so I can fit Coin Ops 8. Coin Ops alone is 90GB. 4000+ games on this bad boy.
If you are not familiar with Coin Ops, its a suite of arcade and console emulators that play amazingly perfect on the XBOX. Plays a ton of , CAPCOM Fighters, Mortal Combat as well as NEO GEO Fighters and SNES and GENESIS ROMS and more. Its seriously amazing.
Japanese XBox Games Available also – Just Ask
Also Available / stand alone emulators full of ROMS for Atari, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Famicom, Rain, NES, SNES, N64, Turbo Grafix 16 & CD, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, Genesis and Sega 32X
Modded Xbox Comes with
an original XBOX controller,
AV Cable and power cable.
Everything you need to start playing!
I ship fast and secure. Thanks for looking!


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